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What is SEO

Search engine optimisation – commonly abbreviated to SEO – is the process whereby a web site, or more specifically a web page or document, is constructed or amended in such a way as to improve its placement in the search engine results pages or SERPs. Search engine optimisation should not be seen as an end in itself. It is a function that should be undertaken to improve the overall commercial performance of a web site.

Good search engine optimisation will ensure that a page appears higher in the search engine results for a range of relevant, specific and valuable search terms or queries. The simple objective of SEO is to generate more valuable web site traffic. The achievement of a higher ranking against relevant search terms has commercial value for a web site because it will attract more traffic than a lower ranking. In an increasingly crowded online environment, search engine optimisation is therefore a crucial online marketing discipline.

The role of SEO is to legitimately influence the process of improving rankings. There are few genuine guarantees of a top placement, particularly for highly competitive search terms. Good SEO will improve a web site’s ranking across a range of selected terms.However, any process whereby a search engine is illicitly manipulated in order to guarantee a high placement is referred to as spamming.

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Targeted search engines
Targeted search engines,sometimes called topical search engines, are the most specific.

Organic SEO
Achieving organic SEO can take time, but it also takes targeting the right elements of your web site.

Target A Market Designing Website
Consider your target market when designing your web site. The design itself would include the general theme of the web site