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Website Types

There are only two types of websites, content websites sites and e-commerce sites. Content sites generally offer unique content such as tips, articles, forums, news, etc. E-commerce sites are websites that sell a product or service. No matter what type of website you own the basic approach to search engine optimization is the same, however performing search engine optimization on an e-commerce website is approached slightly different than a content site as there are inherit issues with proper SEO on an e-commerce (store) application. Content websites generally have more textual content than e-commerce websites so it is easier to gain organic search referrals for them. Unless someone is searching for a particular product e-commerce sites generally produce less organic search referrals, but with proper search engine optimization e-commerce sites can rank high in the search engines and produce excellent organic search referrals.

Because different visitor groups (target audiences) are searching in different ways than other visitor groups we need to know what our target audience (website visitors) is primarily made up of. A business professional may be searching with a different keyword or keyword combination than a home-user would. The website visitors age also plays a factor in determining suitable keywords for your website as a person that is 40+ years old will be searching for something differently (keyword phrases) than a 20-30 year old might be searching for. As you are beginning to see now what sort of visitors you are attracting, you can also see that this affects what keywords you will be selecting to use on your website. Many website owners think that they must use the most popular keyword they can find to attract the most visitors, the popularity of a particular search term or phrase only plays a small part in determining proper keywords for your website and content. Of course search term and phrase popularity does play a role in selecting the proper keywords it, it will not play a major role in selecting keywords for a website and site content.

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