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Website stats

Website stats information can be found with your website stats tools. These can be found on your Cpanel or similar application through your web hosting.

  • Timing: These stats will tell you how many visitors have come to your site on a certain date and even on a specific time of day. With these stats you can detect a pattern of behavior for your visitors. They may come in the early morning or late at night. This will indicate that you have an International market for your product. Other visitors may come mainly within your business hours, which will tell you that your market is mainly domestic.
  • What web pages they are looking at: it is important to know exactly which web pages are attracting your visitors and which ones are producing sales.
  • Where are they are actually coming from: another set of stats will let you know where your visitors have come from. This will tell you the particular search engine that the people have entered your site from. This is very useful for search engine promotions, so that you can see how many visitors are really coming from each search engine
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