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Website Promote

These are the steps to promote a website:

We analyze your site and determine who you want to target. We then search the search engines looking for how your competitors are promoting their sites.

Select Words and Phrases
We decide on what words or phrase are best to focus on. Often we will use one phrase for the home page and others for pages within the site. We will submit up to three pages if necessary.

Modify and Upload Site
The words and phrases are then carefully placed in the site. We know what the search engines are looking for so we place the words in just the right location to create a good match that results in a high ranking. This requires minor modifications to your site and means that we need to download your site from the server, make the changes, and then upload it.

Install A Means To Gather Site Statistics
It is important to know how many visitors or customers are coming to your site. Therefore we install a simple system to keep track of the visitors and hits. You will also have access to this so that you can quickly and easily monitor these statistics.

Submit to Search Engines
At this point we will submit the site to the 8 major search engines. We can submit to 300 - 900 smaller search engines too, but it usually does not produce results. Perhaps 95% of your site visitors comes from the major search engines like Yahoo, Alta Vista, Excite, AOL, Lycos, Hotbot, Google, infoseek and MSN.

Check Ranking
After about three to five weeks, we will check the ranking on Yahoo, Alta Vista and Excite etc using three phrases or words. We wait three to five weeks because it often takes that long for some search engines to index the site. We usually prepare a brief report for the client with these result along with a strategy for improvement.

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