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Website Age Effected SEO

Try as you might, but the only criterion that cannot be manipulated in any way is time. Old men and women are often sought for their knowledge and experience. And the price of wine is directly proportional to its age for a reason. This is a useful analogy. Because time cannot be cheated, an old site that slowly accumulates links over time and regularly adds new knowledge is what we term “fine wine.” Search engines tend to agree, and give the deserved credit to such fine wines.

Many users previously purchased expired domain names that used to house an older popular web site in the interest of tricking search engines into thinking a site is not new. Search engines are now aware of this practice and reset the “aging-value” of any site that is housed by an expired domain name, as well as devalue its preexisting links. In fact, there may also be a penalty applied to such expired domain names, as discussed later in this chapter in the section “The Expired Domain Penalty.” There are still opportunities, however, in buying domains directly from users with old existing web sites. The time-based factors that are used as ranking factors are the site and page age, and the age of the links referring to it. The registration length of a domain name may also influence rankings.

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