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Web Site Content Writing

The better and more focused the writing on each page the better relevancy. Page relevance is a primary key in good search engine optimization techniques. You do not need to be a professional writer to create good page content, although a bit of creativity does go a long way in keeping your visitors interest and have them return repeatedly. In chapter four, we discussed backwards and forwards use of keyword and keyword phrases, in the page copy we will make more extensive use of the technique to build keyword density and to take advantage of phrase usage to build higher page relevancy. In this chapter, I will show examples that will give you are an idea on how to balance writing for your visitors and search engine spiders.

Probably the hardest thing about writing content for your website is to have a good balance of content for visitors and content that appeals to search engine spiders. I asked often what the most important factor in appealing to a websites audience is. Firstly, good unique content is important and secondly, correct spelling and proper grammar usage. Below is an example of page copy that makes use of my backwards and forwards keyword and phrase usage that is easily readable by website visitors and is keyword packed for search engine spiders

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