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Now that you have a 10 page website and you spent 3 hours on each page doing SEO testing and content analysis, most site owners would think they are done. For optimum value, SEO is an ongoing web design and optimization activity. Over weeks, or perhaps months, you can track your site performance for key phrases to see your position in search engines. Find the starting point and know your ranking as you begin the process, and then check progress giving sufficient time to improve in ranking.

Be prepared to tweak your META tag code and page content by testing online search results for your key words and phrases, and make changes as necessary. Do not make drastic changes. Unlike some consultants, I believe that consistency from month to month and year to year is very important to show stability in what you offer and how it is presented. It's better to be done right up front to minimize ongoing SEO work later.

Keep in mind Google updates their rankings 4 times a year, yet improved search results can happen sooner. You can do quarterly searches on your key phrases in Google to see who is #1 through #10, and then view their META code for clues how they got there. Perhaps their site is 10 years old. Age of a site is an important factor in ranking, so for a new small business website, you may never make #1 or even page one against sites that are established longer.

The real test is evaluating traffic and new business from your site by always asking new customers how they found you. You may be surprised just as several of my clients have reported, and they were contacted after being found on page one in as little as two months after their site launched. I don't guarantee it, but it can happen.

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Search engine optimization or SEO is the art of using keywords or key phrases.

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SEO are methods that aid in the improvement of a website's ranking in the listings of search engines

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Search engine optimization is not rocket science, actually it is hardly a science at all