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Using mod_rewrite to optimize URL

The mod_rewrite standard is used to rewrite URLs at the server level (standing between the request from a browser for that page and how the server renders that page). This means that someone requesting the static page may actually be served the dynamic page widgets.php?color=blue by the server, unaware of the technical wizardry Using mod_rewritebehind the scenes.

To use mod_rewrite, you need a hosting provider that supports its use. If you are using the Apache web server program there is a way to check, either by looking at the httpd.conf file or by running a php query on your file. However, rather than describe this in depth here, can I suggest you simply contact your webhosting support team and ask them the question? For the rest of this section, I will assume that they answered yes. If they answered no, perhaps it is time to look at another host.

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