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Using Forms Problem & Solution

A search engine spider will never submit a form. This means that any content that is behind form navigation will not be visible to a spider. There is simply no way to make a spider fill out a form; unless the form were to consist of only pull-downs, radios, and checkboxes — where the domain is defined by permutations of preset values, it could not know what combinations it submits regardless. This is not done in practice, however. There are some reports that Google, in particular, does index content behind very simple forms. Forms that consist of one pull-down that directs the user to a particular web page are in this category. However, as with the example of JavaScript links being spidered, we do not recommend depending on this behavior. As a corollary, if such a form points to content that should be excluded, it may be wise to exclude the content with an explicit exclusion mechanism, such as robots.txt or the robots meta tag!

There is no magic solution for this problem. However, there is a workaround. As long as your script is configured to accept the parameters from a GET request, you can place the URLs of certain form requests in a sitemap or elsewhere in a site.

So if a form submits its values and creates a dynamic URL like the following:
that same link could be placed on a sitemap and a spider could follow it.

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