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Using Correct Redirect Pages Method

One more item you should be aware of is the effect of redirect pages on your search engine rankings.The type of redirect that you use can affect how your site is treated by a search engine. One type of redirect page is permanent, and another is temporary. The one you decide to use has serious implications for your site ranking.
Three types of redirect pages are the most common ones used in designing web pages:

  1. 301 Redirect: The 301 redirect is a permanent redirect page. The page appears to users as they are redirected from one web site to another or from one web page to another. The original page that is no longer available will be removed within a few weeks when 301 redirects are used.
  2. 302 Redirect: The 302 redirect is a temporary redirect page. This page displays to users as they are redirected from one web site to another. The original page is temporarily unavailable, so when the 302 redirect is removed, the user goes back to the original site instead of the site used for redirection.
  3. 404 Error Pages: A 404 error page redirects users to a page that displays an error message, usually one that says something like “This page is no longer available, please check the URL and try again or use the refresh button on your browser.”
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