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URL Structure Optimization Tips

Domain Names

  • Limit length; technical limitations of 63 characters is far to long for an effective domain name
  • Try to obtain a domain name that contains a keyphrase relevant to your targeted ontent
  • Avoid spammy URLs that have numerous hyphens (-) or mispellings
  • Web 2.0 style names (IE Flickr) are all the rage (mostly because the real words are already taken

Folder/File Names

  • Separate words using - or _ so they can be read as separate words (IE avoid "hereismyseofolder")
  • Limit overall length, compress directory structure into file naming convention to reduce directory levels

Overall URL Structure

  • Limit the number of directory levels from the domain name to the file, avoid unnecessary folders
  • Limit the overall length of the URL, avoid unnecessary words and characters
  • Use keyphrases and real words - avoid shortened or meaningless words like /prod/ and /og/
  • Avoid session IDs and other session based parameters in URLs
  • Avoid having more than 2-3 name/value pairs in dynamic URL strings
  • Rewrite dynamic URLs into 'clean' or static URLs wherever possibl
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Header Optimization Tips
The header tags (H1, H2, H3 and so on) alert search engine spiders of the relevancy of the content that follows the heading tag.

Permalink Optimization Tips
It is important that your permalink does not contain a lot of variables. Permalinks promote website browsing.

Permalink Optimization Tips
A permalink or a permanent link is still available even after the post has been moved from the home page and into the blog archive