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URL Optimization

One of the most important optimization techniques that I highly recommend is URL structure and page naming. What I am referring to is setting up the website structure and page naming convention to make best use of keywords or keyword phrases. Even dynamic websites that normal have a query string (ie: can also

Let us say that you have articles relating to “credit card offers” on your website. You would want to create a folder on your site called “articles” and possibly a sub folder called “CreditCardOffers” and store your content in that sub folder. This will add keywords to the directory structure of your site as well as the URL to those files.

Example URL: As you can see in the example, we now have a description of what the content is as well as keywords in the URL to the file. After several years of research and experimentation I have determined that URL structure and proper page naming does affect page rank and higher organic search referrals. In addition to URL structure naming, we need to also look at page file naming conventions. The more descriptive a page file name is the better. Keywords should be used in the page name itself if possible.

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The secret of Images Optimization
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