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Understanding Keyword Concepts

Here’s the basic concept: You’re putting keywords into your Web pages in such a manner that the search engines can get to them, read them, and regard them as significant. Your keyword list is probably very long, perhaps hundreds of keywords, so you need to pick a few to work with. The keywords you pick should be either

  1. Words near the top of the list that have many searches.
  2. Words lower on the list that may be worth targeting because you have relatively few competitors. That is, when someone searches for the keyword phrase using an exact search (“rodent racing” rather than rodent racing), the search engine finds relatively few pages.

It’s often easy to create pages that rank well for the keywords at the bottom of your list because they’re unusual terms that don’t appear in many Web pages. However, they’re at the bottom of your list because people don’t search for them very often! So you have to decide whether the effort is worth it to rank well on a search term that is only searched for once or twice a month

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