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Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

Here are some tips for you to bring traffic to your site free of charge:

  1. Install in your computer Google's toolbox. It is an excellent tool for you to monitor the rank of the pages you are visiting
  2. Get links back to your site. Look for sites in the internet that have the same keywords as you. Check their rank page, if it is six or more suggest that they add your site on their site. Not everyone will accept you but it is always worth trying it with the maximum number of sites possible.
  3. Some sites will propose a trade of links between their site and yours. See if their site has a good rank before you accept. This will raise your rank.
  4. Visit blogs that has to do with what your site is about. Put some commentaries there and also put a link back to your site( this is a very powerful way to raise your rank).
  5. Visit sites of articles about the same thing as yours and make your own small article about the topic of your website and place it there. This also will help you a lot.
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