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The Importance Of Page Title

The very first variable element on your page is the <title> tag, which appears in the <head> section. The title of your web page is probably the most important of all the on-page elements to get right for four reasons:

  • Algorithmic weighting. The title is the most important single summary of what a page is all about and therefore carries the highest on-page weighting in the Google algorithm.
  • Results formatting. When Google serves up search engine results pages (SERPs) for a user query, it uses the page title as the link for each result. As such, it is the most important “call to action” for users, who might then click on the result and enter your page. Does your title make them want to click?
  • Browser usability. Browsers display the title tag in the top bar of the browser window and, in more recent browser versions, for tabbed navigation between different web pages in the same window. Thus, the title is also an important navigation usability aid for browser users.
  • Directory submission. Some directory and librarian services insist on using the page title for listing any links or deep links to your site. They also prefer titles that include, at the front, the name of your site or business. This applies to both human-edited and some more automated directory services.
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