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The Google spider

The Google spider apparently ignores keyword meta tags entirely and only the MSN spider apparently places any emphasis on them at all. Abuse of the keyword meta tag by spammers led to its downfall. Google’s subsequent rise to dominance eventually transformed the SEO industry. Google’s rise in popularity forced many competitor search engines to fall by the wayside or to be consolidated with larger parents such as Yahoo. Due to Google’s success, both Yahoo and Microsoft, through its newly independent and revised MSN search engine, have had to take on board many of the features of Google’s approach. The influence of inbound links continues to increase.
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How to increase google page rank?
here is few tips and trick to Increase your website Google Page Rank step by step

What is Google Page Rank?
PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web.

How do I get top Google rankings?
If you do this, you will get a very high domain based score and you will easily outrank the over-optimized competition.