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The Advantage Using Acronym

One last tag that you should consider using on you web pages is the <acronym> or <abbr> (abbreviation) tag. These tags simply tell a web crawler or text reader that an acronym or abbreviation is being used, and what the full text for that acronym or abbreviation is.

The advantage to having your abbreviations and acronyms included in HTML tags is that if those words happen to be keywords for your page, the full text can be read by the crawler, rather than just the letters in the abbreviation or acronym.

When you’re using the acronym tags in your HTML this is how they should look:
<acronym title=”Search Engine Optimization”>SEO</acronym>
And abbreviation tags should look like this:
<abbr title=”United States of America”>USA</abbr>

These two tags, although named differently, do exactly the same thing. Thus, many web designers have gone to using the abbreviation tag rather than the acronym tag. No matter which you choose to use, it at least offers an additional way for you to include your keywords on your page if they happen to have an associated abbreviation or acronym.

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