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Target Your Visitor

We need to know if the majority of our users are male or female, how old they are and what sort of occupation they have, if any. Although we do not need to know individually what comprises our target audience, we should attempt to determine what the majority is. For example: a female home-user that doesn’t work is probably looking for something differently than a female business professional would, so we must find a way to determine exactly who is visiting the website and their age group. One way is to use website statistics to gain an idea of exactly where the visitors are coming from such as a home ISPs or corporate networks.

One way to help determine your audience is to use polls or surveys. Offer a random drawing with a gift card or product as the prize for those who answer the poll or survey. I would suggest that you run the poll or survey for a long period (1-3 months) so that you can get a good sampling of your visitors. Many visitors will answer a quick poll without the possibility of a reward. Longer surveys most times require you to offer an incentive to the visitor in order to collect information. I would suggest not asking for too much personal information as many Internet users are now much less likely to submit much information. I would suggest only asking for the following information: Are they male or female, are they are home-users, students, or business professionals, the general age group (0-15, 16-21, 21-30, 31-41, 42+ , etc), also ask for an email address so we can contact them in the event they win. Once the survey is complete and a winner is announced we can use this email list to let all the participating visitors know who won and also use it for additionally marketing the website

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