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Suggestion in Creating Meta Keyword Tag

Below are some suggestion to optimize your meta keyword tag

  • While spaces within keyword phrases are fine, you should separate each phrase with a comma and no space (e.g., “sharepoint 2007,moss 2007”).
  • Use lower case for all keywords and pluralize phrases where possible. Do not bother including capitalized or nonplural equivalents.
  • Include all of your site-wide phrases at the front of the metakeyword tag of the homepage. Exclude all deep phrases from the homepage tag.
  • Use the most relevant site-wide phrases to begin your section and category page meta-keyword tags, and then also include the most relevant deep phrases.
  • On content pages, confine yourself to deep phrases in the metakeyword tags.
  • Never use more than 50 words in the meta-keyword tag and ideally try to limit yourself to 35 words in each.
  • Ensure that all of the keyphrases in your keyword tag appear at least once more somewhere in your on-page elements (i.e., title tag, description tag, headings, alt tags, and body text). If you can’t achieve this, seriously consider removing the keyword from your tag.
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