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Though not as popular as they used to be, a number of site-announcement Web sites and e-mail newsletters still exist. (The newsletters usually end up published on the Web, too.) Some of these services are very influential because they are either very popular (USAToday.comís Hot Sites, for instance) or are read by many journalists.

Check out URLwire (, for instance. This service claims to have over 125,000 readers, of whom 6,500 are journalists and site reviewers who get the e-mail newsletter. You have to pay for this service, from $300 to $1,000 to get into one of the announcements, but other announcement services are generally free.

Unfortunately, getting your site into the announcements can be difficult because of stiff competition! In fact, some announcement sites donít accept submissions ó Yahoo! Picks, for instance, doesnít take suggestions. Sometimes to get picked up by these sites, you need to be mentioned in another influential announcement service, such as URLwire. However, if you can get in, the effect can be huge. Not only do you get a link from a site that is undoubtedly well indexed, but you probably also get picked up by many other sites and newsletters. URLwire in particular (no, Iím not getting a kickback!) is incredibly influential.

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