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Special Google SEO Tools

There are some of the more advanced linking tools I use for most of my link research. There are a couple free tools I recommend using which were made just for Google.

  1. PageRank lookup tool: if you are unsure if your toolbar is broken (or if you are not using a Windows computer with the toolbar installed) you can use this free PageRank lookup tool to get the PageRank of any page.
  2. Proogle / Prog: Prog is a search interface which looks like Google with the exception that it displays PageRank underneath each of the pages listed in the search results. You can do a backlink check and set the number of page results to 100 per page to quickly scour backlinks to a competitors site. This will help give you an idea as to what are the most important backlinks into their site without needing to purchase any link software. You also can use Prog to do a quick analysis of the competitive landscape of a search phrase.
  3. GoogleBar: Using the GoogleBar with this downloadable hack (which may have privacy issues) will allow you to view PageRank even on a Mac.
  4. Google TouchGraph: Not really an exciting SEO tool, but it is a very cool looking tool which graphs out the sites related to whatever site you enter.
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