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Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking web sites offer users convenient storage of their bookmarks remotely for access from any location. Examples of these sites include, digg, Reddit, and so on. These sites usually allow these bookmarks to be private, but many choose to leave them public. And when a particular web page is publicly bookmarked by many users, that is a major positive contributing factor in the ranking algorithm of the search function on a social bookmarking site. Ranking well in these searches presents another great source of organic traffic. Furthermore, if a web page is bookmarked by a large number of people, it may result in a front page placement on such a site. This usually results in a landslide of traffic.

Many blogs present links to streamline the process of bookmarking a page. As is typical with facilitating any action desired from a web site user, this may increase the number of bookmarks achieved by a page on your web site. These little icons make it easy for people browsing a web site to do some free marketing for you — in case they like the content at that particular URL and want to bookmark it. To make adding these icons easy, you create a class that will work for any web application.

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