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Site Search Optimization

Site search does some bad things and good things related to SEO. I’ll give you the bad first. Site search provides users with a truly dynamic experience versus static web pages that are preprogrammed. Landing pages and category pages, for example, traditionally have static content that is chosen by a marketer or merchandiser. Web crawlers are much better at crawling these types of pages with static content and keyword-friendly URLs. A search engine results page, on the other hand, is truly dynamic. It didn’t “exist” before you typed in the search query and hit return. The page—and its content—is rendered on the fly. Web search crawlers sometimes have a hard time indexing dynamic pages because they are not part of the site map; they are created at the moment of need.

Now the good. FAST does several things to help improve SEO. First, we can rewrite the URLs of search results pages to make them easier to crawl, inserting search keywords into the URLs. Second, we can work with our customers to create “topics pages”—landing pages focused on a specific topic that use search to draw in the most recent, relevant content on that topic. Let’s go back to the TV Guide example. TV Guide could create a topics page for the show “24.” One area of the page could be a “latest news” box that is using site search to pull in the most relevant news headlines on the show “24” from TV Guide’s internal sources and sources across the Web. It could have a premium content area where TV Guide’s marketing staff can promote their own content. It could have an area on the most recent blog postings. Topics pages help boost SEO because they are part of the standard site map, yet have dynamic, rich content that should help generate significant link activity.

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Search engine optimization or SEO is the art of using keywords or key phrases.

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Search engine optimization is not rocket science, actually it is hardly a science at all