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Simple SEO Tips

  • TITLE: (70 characters maximum, key words near beginning)
  • DESC: (155 characters maximum, a complete sentence with key words near beginning)
  • KEYWORDS: (200 characters maximum, key words in descending order of importance)
  • H1 (Heading or Headline for the page... only use H1 one time and include key words) Text content (paragraphs, with key words especially near beginning of first sentence in first paragraph and your last closing paragraph of the page, and elsewhere in between)
  • H2 (Subheading or Headline for secondary content paragraphs, and include key words) Text content (more paragraphs of text to the end of the page)
  • Note that for all H tags, the words that appear in the headline should also be used somewhere in the text paragraphs that follow, and all META keywords in your keyword list MUST be somewhere on that page.
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