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SEO Web Design

Some basic rules apply to designing pages to be search engine friendly. Keep them in mind as you build your site, or you could be in for a lot of headaches. These all have to do with creating a site that search engine spiders can navigate and read. If you have to "break" one of these rules, you’ll need to sort out the details of making your content accessible to the engines.

  1. Frames
    Search engine spiders don’t handle frames very well, so you’re better off avoiding the use of frames altogether. If you must use them, create a NOFRAMES version of your site that links all of your content together. Better yet, don’t use frames.
  2. JavaScript
    Although some of the search engines have experimented with reading JavaScript, you should assume that anything you do with JavaScript is basically invisible. This doesn’t mean that you should try to get tricky, by doing “sneaky redirects” to take people away from your search-engine-optimized pages to somewhere else.
  3. Image Maps
    Image maps can be useful in design, but the search engines don’t all follow them, and like images, there’s no way to include anchor text. You need an alternative form of navigation if you use image maps.
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