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SEO Strategies

Below are some strategies to optimize your website to search engine :

  • Optimize Meta tags, a throwback to the old search engines are so close to obsolete as to be irrelevant. Remember time spent adjusting this is money that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Check Duplicate content, when they have no idea what constitutes duplicate content. Ask them exactly how a machine understands one page is similar to another – that’ll usually stump them.
  • Check Keyword density, if quoted to you, are a real sign that this is a backwards agency. Real SEOs will use semantic profiles to establish the key content of a page.
  • Gaining number 1 rankings, especially across a small number of key terms. Your company should be optimizing for at least 100 key terms – if not 1000. This is known as long tail theory and comes from PPC (Pay Per Click advertising). It generates more traffic in the long run even though you may have some slightly lower rankings for individual terms, so don’t worry.
  • Fantastically short time periods are (which as any SEO who is worth their salt knows) a bad idea for your company’s long term rankings. You run the risk of being blacklisted and are unlikely to attain them without black hat intervention (this unethical and poor practice).
  • Manually collated keyword reports, where some poor sap sits at a computer and manually checks every keyword on your report. Firstly, if they have the time to do this they’re wasting it when they could be doing SEO. Secondly, if they have a search engineer who’s half decent they can throw together an automated system inside a week.
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