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SEO stands for search engine optimization, i.e. site optimization for search engines. Search engine optimization or search optimization is optimization of HTML-code, site structure, i.e. all additional work made to raise site's release in search engines. Here is some seo tips :
  1. Semantic marking of the content
    It is necessary to use proper HTML-elements in required places. Use tags <h1> for headings, <p>; for paragraphs: This facility should be presented in WYSIWYG-editor in the form of a possibility to put a heading for a text.
  2. Dont use of graphics
    We do not recommend: Using flash, java-scripts in navigation menu. Advantage of text navigation is that all section titles will be indexed by search engine robots. We recommend: If you provide text with photos, pictures, start description of them with tag. It is desirable to include the keywords you have chosen into the description. this facility should be presented in WYSIWYG-editor: when adding a picture you can fill in "Image description, Title" fields.
  3. Site navigation structure
    Every page should have obligatory attributes: Title, Description, Meta-tag. All these obligatory attributes should include the keywords.
  4. Sitemap
    is very useful for content indexing by search engines..
  5. Content and frequency of web site updating
    Frequency of web site updating, number of pages to be updated should be regular. Make it your rule to upload news and information materials every week.
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