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SEO Ranking Factors

Keywords are used in the META which is hidden in the XHTML and accessed by search engines to understand the theme of each web page, and in the actual text content of headings and paragraphs that display on your page for visitors to view. Here is the list of key SEO factors in web design that you can control, and brief examples or explanations using my main site home page for reference. You MUST use your keywords in each of these to maximize the SEO value.

  • META Title Tag (70 characters, or less)
    Small Business Web Design Services (summarizes the essence of what I do) This is the MOST important SEO factor on every page. It needs to be different for each, and relative to that individual page with top keywords near the beginning. This is not the place for your company name unless you are extremely well known.
  • META Description Tag (155 characters, or less)
    Custom web design services of small business websites including CMS is my primary business plus matching graphics. (A complete sentence with key words near the beginning) This description is often used by Google as the introduction as listed in their search results.
  • META Keywords Tag (200 characters, or less)
    web design, small business, website, blog, cms, website design, blogger, custom web design, graphic art, small business website, search engine optimization, seo The preceding META code may be viewed while visiting any website page and a screenshot from my home page is inserted in the PDF ebook version of this podcast. Right click on a blank area of any web page and then select "View Source" to see the actual code used to create that page. The META will be near the top if used by that designer.
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