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SEO Maintenance

Now that the optimization is complete, We periodically check to ensure that the pages We have optimized havenít slipped in the search engine indexes. If they drop a bit We look at the results above my own and try to determine if there are indeed some changes such as additional keywords, keyword phrases or page content We can add to my pages to boost them higher. If this is an initial page optimization We wait at least 90 days before making any sort of optimization changes. Slow and methodical changes are better than frequent changes. Too many changes in a short time may get a web page penalized and added to what many search engines call the ďsand boxĒ. This is not a good place for your web pages or website to be in. Think of a sand box as a stagnate pool of water. Things in a stagnate pool of water donít do much of anything and just float around.

If you have followed my step by step implementation of optimizing the sample page and use the same procedures on your web pages you will be guaranteed to rank higher in the search engines and produce excellent search engine referral traffic.

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