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SEO For Small Business

Search engine optimization doesn't just benefit those who make the websites, but those who use them. An NPD survey found that 81% were happy with the results they got when searching the web. In other words, search engine optimization makes sure that your website is read by the people who really want to hear more about the product, service or information you're providing. This means search engine optimization makes your internet marketing more effective.

Search engine optimization is also important given the reading habits of Internet users. Studies show that people rarely go beyond the top 30 results from a search. The 30 websites with the best search engine optimization get 90% of the total traffic of the website, while those in the top 10 get 80% more traffic than those who rank 11-30. Penn State University found an even stronger result for search engine optimization: most users will only visit the top three!

These studies prove that search engine optimization is an important business investment. There are many search engine marketing companies that offer search engine optimization services. Given the wide range of search engine optimization techniques available, most search engine optimization firms can offer several packages within your budget.

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