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SEO For Local Markets

SEO for local markets is not a marketing technique but a sophisticated local technique of optimizing websites on a local basis. Obviously, the one who knows the pulse of the market is not the SEO expert but can contribute his knowledge to SEO expert.

  1. Localize your target keywords. This includes prefixing or suffixing local terms, names, and names of areas, cities or zip codes with target keywords. Example: "remodeling contractors Orange County", not "remodeling contractors".
  2. Submit to local search engines (find one, if you don't know already), directories and web based yellow pages.
  3. Display your mailing address with street address, zip code and complete. Once your site is indexed, these words gain prominence as a part of content.
  4. Submit to local listing sections of Yahoo and DMOZ which is in addition to generalized listing.
  5. Don't leave out general SEO techniques because you want to SEO for local markets which the power of link building which can be done globally as there might not be enough local sites to beat you competition.
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