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If search engine experts were so good at what they do, why would they be in forums all the time discussing off-the-wall tactics to attract search engine spiders? I often wondered while wading through all the SEO material available on the Internet why there were so many people posting half-baked ideas at how to get search engine organic (natural) referrals. Nearly every theory is subject to a fiery debate as well as the pros and cons of why it works or does not work. Have you noticed when you SEO website or forum, that most of the website is nothing more than a place for SEO experts and SEO companies to hawk their services? There is nothing of any real value on the site. These SEO websites are nothing more that just another Internet advertising website. I find it almost comical that they employ the very same tactics that they discourage others from doing so that they can make a few quick dollars at your expense through affiliate referrals and ad sales. I honestly believe these sites deliberately sow confusion, so that you will become confused as well as overwhelmed and succumb to their SEO services sales pitches.
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