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Search Engine Spider Food

Spider food blurbs are easy to implement and will trigger better ranking for the keywords you want to rank high for in the search engines. In addition to your content for human visitors, you can include at the bottom of a content page a keyword or keyword phrase rich paragraph that will make sense to a visitor if they read it and it will also feed the search engine spiders. Not only does the spider blurb above target “graphic design magazine’ it also describes just about every aspect of the site it is referencing. You could almost call a Spider Blurb an enhancement to the pages meta description.

The above spider blurb does not interfere with the human visitors but it feeds the search engine spiders visiting the web page. If a human visitor reads it, it makes sense to them but is not a primary part of the web page for the human visitor. I used the keywords in the Meta title in the spider food blurb, and I used the keywords in such a way that they will produce quite a few variations of the keyword and keyword phrases are being targeted

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