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Search Engine Referrals

One of the most asked questions seems to revolve around referrals, and there seems to be some confusion surrounding referrals. There are three main types of website referrals; direct referrals also known as browser bookmarks, external referrals also known as links from other websites and organic or also referred to as search engine referrals. As you can easily guess direct referrals are generated each time someone clicks one of their browser favorites and go to your website.

External links are links on other websites and directories that point to your website. Lastly, organic referrals come from search engines and are considered either organic or “paid for” organic referrals. Organic search engine referrals are generated from a search engine spider indexing a website and placing those results in the search engine’s index. Paid for search referrals are generated by Pay-Per-Click (CPC) advertising that may have been purchased on one or more search engines. In terms of value, the organic or natural search engine referrals are the preferred of the two types.

Proper search engine optimization will maximize your organic search results and of course, that means more visitors to your website. External referrals also play an important role in search engine optimization as external incoming links help search engine spiders find your site and content.

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