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Search engine ethics

Borrowing from the Wild West rather than Star Wars, white hat SEO generally refers to ethical techniques, black hat to the unethical ones. Black hat practitioners tend to see search engine optimization as a war and search engines as the enemy. White hatters tend to view search engines as friends who can help them get business.

Search engines are designed to help people find genuinely relevant results for the search terms they enter, in a ranked order. Relevancy is a mixture of the “authority” of the site generally and the specific relevance of the page content to the search made. Anything that undermines this (e.g., by creating a false impression of authority or relevance) is unethical because it undermines the key purpose of the search engine.

Google usefully outlines (and periodically revises) its definition of unethical SEO through the Google Webmaster Guidelines (see the topmost link on

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