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Search Engine Cloaker

Clearly, despite the fact that certain uses of cloaking are becoming accepted, it is still a risk, and it is likely that if you are caught by Google for doing cloaking that it deems as unethical, your site will be banned. There fore, if you do not own an extremely popular site whose ban would elicit a public response, and you’re not willing to take a risk, cloaking should be avoided — at least for Google. Minor changes are probably safe, especially for Yahoo! and MSN, as implemented in the exercise that follows, where you replace a figure with text.

It is, however, very difficult to define the meaning of “minor change,” and a ban may still occur in theworst case. As aforementioned, was reincluded in the index in a matter of days; however, in practice, for a smaller business, it would likely be much more devastating and take more time to get reincluded after such a ban. The cloaking toolkit provided in this chapter allows you to cloak for some search engines and not others. We cannot comment further, because it is a very complex set of decisions. Use your own judgment.

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