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Replacing images with real text

If you have an image-heavy Web site, in which all or most of the text is embedded onto images, you need to get rid of the images and replace them with real text. If the search engine can’t read the text, it can’t index it. It may not be immediately clear whether text on the page is real text or images. You can quickly figure it out a couple of ways:

  • Try to select the text in the browser with your mouse. If it’s real text, you can select it character by character. If it’s not real text, you simply can’t select it — you’ll probably end up selecting an image.
  • Use your browser’s View > Source command to look at the HTML for the page and then see if you can find the actual words in the text. or use our tools to see what spider see on your website
  • Or you can place alt on your image tag. Read more about importance of image alt tag
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