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REL Attribute in Link Syntax

rel attribute describes the relationship from the current document to the linked document specified by the href attribute. The value of rel must be a space-separated list of link types. Link types are case-insensitive, "External nofollow" has the same meaning as "External NOFOLLOW". Please refer to the LINK element section for a list of a document's META link types, in the following we'll discuss link specific relationships.

rel="nofollow" rel's 'nofollow' value was introduced by Google in January 2005 to fight comment spam. Search engines don't count nofollow-links for ranking purposes. A nofollow-link is not a negative vote, it just means that the source cannot vouch for the target. Use the 'nofollow' value where users can insert links, for example in blog comments, guestbooks and alike. For detailed information on rel="nofollow" links read our tutorial on steering and supporting search engine crawling.

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