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Register with Directories

By registering your sites at many different directories it makes your link popularity look like a natural part of the web. If you only have one or two sources of links the linkage pattern may seem unnatural to search engine algorithms.

Renting links is extremely expensive if you do it incorrectly. Registering your sites with many second tier directories costs a one time fee of $20 - $40 each which continues to pay for itself month after month.

When links develop naturally it is likely that a site has many low power links pointing into it as compared to number of high power links. You usually want to build a broad base of low power inbound links before trying to build any exceptionally powerful inbound links.

If you are reliant upon just a few powerful links then if something happens to those links you could be in the hurt locker. If you have a ton of low power inbound links then your rankings will be more stable if you lose a few links or when large algorithm shifts occur.

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