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Recognizing Links with No Value

It will be useless to exchange link with site that has no value. Below are some links that have no value:

  • If a page isn’t in Google, the links from the page have no value. Google doesn’t know about them, after all. (On the other hand, those pages may be in other search engines, so the links do have value on those engine’s rankings.)
  • If a page is what Google regards as a link farm (described in a moment), Google may know about the page but decide to exclude it from the index.
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Why are Links so Powerful?
Links from other webmasters are viewed by search engines as unbiased third party votes.

Importance of Number of Links on the Page
Any page only has a certain amount of link popularity which it can redistribute to other pages.

How many links do I need?
Your inbound link-building activities fall into two groups: active and passive.