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Quick loading site - speed up your web pages

You must be sure that you have quick loading web pages on your site. Each page of your web site must display quickly on your visitor's computer screen - quick loading is an important aspect of website optimization and search engine optimization. Speed is more and more an attribute of our world and people are getting more and more impatient. On the other hand World Wide Web is expanding all over the globe and a lot of Internet users have only 28.8 Kbps dial-up connections. Make sure that what your web site offers gets to them and that you have quick loading web pages even for slow Internet connections and "antique" computers.

Don't add unnecessary complicated web graphics on your web pages (a good web logo might be enough). Keep special effects and animations to a minimum to enable quick loading of your web pages. Try to impress your visitors with content-rich web pages and wise web graphics instead of displaying only images and fancy color schemes. Think twice before using Flash animations, Java scripts etc. - it's not a good website optimization policy! Use these on your web pages only if you really need to make a point. Don't use complex and/or picture backgrounds for your tables. All the above-mentioned will ensure a "quick loading" site and are also recommended by most of the website optimization, graphics optimization and search engine optimization specialists.

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