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Quality of Inbound Links

A popular web site that links to you prominently that itself has many inbound links and a good reputation is likely to mean more than a link from a random page from an unimportant web site with few links. There is no absolute definition that describes “quality.” Search engines themselves struggle with this definition and use very complicated algorithms that implement an approximation of the human definition. Use your judgment and intuition.

There are certain exceptions to this rule, as (or other similar social web sites with user-generated content) may have many links pointing to it as a whole, but a link, even from a popular MySpace profile sub page, may not yield the results that would seem reasonable from a direct interpretation of link popularity. The same may also be true for blogs and other subdomain-based sites. This may be because search engines treat such sites as exceptions to stem artificial manipulation.

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Importance Of Inbound Links
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