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Properly Linked VS Content Is King

Link and get linked for traffic management, user convenience, commercial purposes, you name it, but always bear in mind that your link carries more than traffic, its underlying cargo is authority and popularity. If you sell link spots, you should put 'nofollow' in the sold link's rel attribute, because Google decreases or even takes away your ability to pass reputation with your links, if you don't devalue your unrelated ads and other purchased links yourself.

You'll find a lot of 'content is king vs. only linkage counts' discussions at webmaster boards and other internet marketing resources. Probably 90% of everything you can read on this topic is utterly nonsense, although there is some substance in both positions. Absolutely wrong is the assumption that content and linkage are mutual exclusive properties, so concentrating on one of both leads into dead ends beyond the first SERPs.

You can't go wrong following the 'properly linked content is king' SEO advice. Content alone is nothing, you need popular content and lots of it, clever interlinked within a site and the rest of the world. Linkage alone is nothing, because to what do you link if you've got no content? Search engines aren't that cheatable, and only few users click on the ads out of desperation.

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