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The term prominence refers to where the keyword appears — how prominent it is within a page component (the body text, the TITLE tag, and so on). A word near the top of the page is more prominent than one near the bottom; a word at the beginning of a TITLE tag is more prominent than one at the end; a word at the beginning of the DESCRIPTION meta tag is more prominent than one at the end; and so on.

Prominence is good. If you’re creating a page with a particular keyword or keyword phrase in mind, make that term prominent — in the body text, in the TITLE tag, in the DESCRIPTION meta tag, and elsewhere — to convey to the search engines that the keyword phrase is important in this particular page. Consider this title tag:

<TITLE>Everything about Rodents - Looking after Them, Feeding Them, Rodent Racing, and more.</TITLE>

When you read this, you can see that Rodent Racing is just one of several terms the page is related to. The search engine comes to the same conclusion because the term is at the end of the title, meaning it’s probably not the predominant term. But what about the following tag?

<TITLE>Rodent Racing - Looking after Your Rodents, Feeding them, Everything You Need to Know</TITLE>

Placing Rodent Racing at the beginning of the tag places the stress on that concept; the search engines are likely to conclude that the page is mainly about Rodent Racing.

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