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Problem Using Frame

There have been so many problems with frames since their inception that it bewilders us as to why anyone would use them at all. Search engines have a lot of trouble spidering frames-based sites. A search engine cannot index a frames page within the context of its other associated frames. Only individual pages can be indexed. Even when individual pages are successfully indexed, because another frame is often used in tandem for navigation, a user may be sent to a bewildering page that contains no navigation. There is a workaround for that issue (similar to the popup navigation solution), but it creates still other problems. The noframes tag also attempts to address the problem, but it is an invisible on-page factor and mercilessly abused by spammers. Any site that uses frames is at such a disadvantage that we must simply recommend not using them at all.

Jacob Nielsen predicted these problems in 1996, and recommended not to use them at the same date. Now, more than ten years later, there is still no reason to use them, and, unlike the also relatively benign problems associated with tables, there is no easy fix.

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