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Priming your pages

Priming your pages covers the SEO art of page copywriting and asset optimization. This includes deploying your phrases that pay throughout your site and manipulating Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

  • How Google stores. Before you can prime your pages you must understand how Google stores your content in its search index.
  • On-page optimization is all about effective SEO copywriting of metadata, tags, page text, and other on-page elements, so that web pages are keyword rich for search engines but still read well for humans.
  • Asset optimization. It is vital also to optimize the images, documents, videos, and other assets on your site. This section shows you how.
  • SERPs and snippets outlines how Google displays its search results and how to manipulate the link and the snippet for your own pages, so that web surfers are enticed to click on the result and visit your site.
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