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Pay Per Click Program

Note that most Tier 1 and Tier 2 PPC systems now have two types of pay per click ads:

  • Search engine ads. The first are the search engine placements you’ve already seen.
  • Contextual or content match ads. Ads placed on Web sites other than search engines. For instance, go to and search for something,

In fact, you can sign up to run these ads on your Web site through Google’s AdSense program ( if you’d like to make money by running ads on your site. Sign up for this program, and Google examines your pages to see what ads are most appropriate for your page content. You place a little bit of code in your pages that pulls ads from the AdWords program, and Google automatically places ads into your page each time the page is loaded into a browser. If someone clicks the ad, you earn a little bit of the click price.

From the PPC advertiser’s perspective, though, you should understand that these ads are probably not as effective as the ads placed on the search engines. Some advertisers claim that people who click these content ads are less likely to buy your product, for instance, than those who click the same ad at the search engine. You can turn off content ads if you wish, as many advertisers do

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