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Pay For Inclusion

When you’re fighting today’s competition to improve your web-site ranking, you need to use every tool in your arsenal. One of those tools is paid inclusion. But there’s a lot of confusion around paid inclusion and when it should be used. Very often, paid inclusion is confused with paid placement. They’re very different strategies.

When you hear about paid inclusion, you may well hear it called Pay for Inclusion (PFI) or Pay per Inclusion (PPI). Even when you’re looking at those two terms, you’re looking at differences in meaning. Pay for Inclusion is a strategy whereby you pay a fee simply to be included in a search index. This fee doesn’t guarantee your rank in the index. It’s a simple flat fee that’s usually paid annually.

Pay per Inclusion is also a strategy in which you pay a fee to be included in a search index, but the fee that you pay in PPI is based on the number of clicks you receive as a result of that inclusion. Like PFI, PPI still doesn’t guarantee your rank in the search engine. Your only guarantee is that you will be included. And that per-click fee can often be comparatively high, in the range of $.30 per click.

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