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Page Text Content

The text content used on your page is the obvious choice for placing key words and phrases. You may want to include your unique META description sentence verbatim in the first paragraph of each page. Keep text content from 200-500 words unless it is absolutely necessary to go into more detail on a topic. Use the key words and phrases often in the text, but not to the point that the text becomes senseless reading.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is using nouns like this, that, and it in website content. As the author, you know the intended meaning, but your readers may not share expert knowledge about your topic, so help them out. Try rewording each instance of this, that, and it with more descriptive words. Not many people will be searching in Google using this, that, or it to describe your product or service.

Design for visitors first, not search engines, yet use enough keywords to assist search engines to properly identify your site theme. The proper ratio of key words to total words on each page is called keyword density, and this subject will be discussed later in more detail.

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