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Page Rank Explained (Part 2)

Rather than take you through the PageRank algorithm step by step, here are a few key points that explain more or less how it works:

  • Pages with no links out of them are wasting PageRank; they donít get to vote for other pages. Because a pageís inherent PageRank is not terribly high, this isnít normally a problem. It becomes a problem if youhave a large number of links to dangling pages of this kind. Or it can bea problem if you have a dangling page with a high PageRank. Though rare, this could happen if you have a page that many external sites link to that then links directly to an area of your site that wonít benefit from PageRank, such as a complex e-commerce catalog system that Googlecanít index or an external e-commerce system hosted on another site. Unless the page links to other pages inside your Web site, it wonít b voting for those pages and thus wonít be able to raise their PageRank.
  • A single link from a dangling page can channel that PageRank back into your site. Make sure that all your pages have at least one link back into the site. This usually isnít a problem because most sites are built with common navigation bars and often text links at the bottom of the page

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